Tree Removal Permit

Tree Removal Permit

Tree Removal Permit


Trees clean the air, beautify our community, are home to wildlife, provide shade, and offer many other benefits. That is why a permit will be needed to remove a tree.


When is a Tree Removal Permit not required?

• The pruning and/or trimming of limbs or branches less than 20 inches in circumference (6 inches in diameter) shall be exempt.


When can a tree be removed? (some examples)

• The tree is a proven safety hazard.

• The tree is dead, dying, or diseased.

• The tree restricts economic development and proposed improvement of a parcel.


Please note, Coastal Live Oaks (quercus agrifolia) can be trimmed or removed only with the approval of the Public Works Supervisor.

No tree, bush or shrub growing in or upon any public street, way, park, or place, including park strips, within the City of Del Rey Oaks, shall be cut, destroyed or removed unless and until permission to do so has been first obtained from the City Manager, and then only under the supervision of the City Manager and Public Works Supervisor.


If you are still not sure if you need a Tree Removal Permit, please contact City Hall at (831) 394-8511.


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