Encroachment Permit

Encroachment Permit

Encroachment Permit


An encroachment permit is necessary if you will be working within or utilizing any part of the road right of way (from property line to property line) for construction activities, storing materials, detouring traffic or parking equipment in the street over night. Encroachment permits are issued for temporary and long term projects.


General Conditions


Hold Harmless: Permitee shall indemnify, defend, and hold the City of Del Rey Oaks, its officers, employees and agents harmless against any and all losses or damages, claims or suits, from any cause whatever, arising directly or indirectly from the City’s issuance or revocation of this permit or from the construction, maintenance or existence of the encroachment permitted pursuant to this permit.

Maintenance: Permitee shall at all times maintain the public property covered by this permit and any structures or landscaping place thereon in a safe, neat and attractive manner.  Upon completion of the work permitted pursuant to this permit, permitee shall to the satisfaction of the city and at the permitee's sole cost and expense restore the public property to at least as good a condition as the public property existed prior to the permitee's commencement of work.

Revocability: This permit shall be revocable at any time without cause unless otherwise specified. The City of Del Rey Oaks shall give written notice of such revocation and a reasonable time to remove the encroachment at the permitee's sold cost and expense. Permitee agrees to remove the encroachment after said notice and to restore the public property to a safe condition and as nearly as practicable to its condition prior to the commencement of work. If permitee fails to do so, the City of Del Rey Oaks may do said work, either with its own employees or by private contract and the permitee shall be liable for said costs.

Transferability: This permit is for the benefit of the adjacent property (other than temporary encroachments) and may be transferred to the successor of the permitee without consent of the City of Del Rey Oaks, provided, however, that no transfer of this permit shall become effective until the transferee accepts the terms and condition of the permit. It shall be the duty of the permitee to notify the City of Del Rey Oaks and to notify his/her successor of this permit and the terms and conditions herein.

Signs: There shall be no sign or other forms of advertising within the area covered by this permit unless specifically authorized by the City of Del Rey Oaks.

Inspection Notice: Prior to any construction activity the applicant shall contact the City of Del Rey Oaks for a field inspection of the work to be done within the public right-of-way. A forty-eight (48) hour notice shall be given to the City of Del Rey Oaks prior to any work activity.                              

       • Insurance:  Permitee shall obtain and maintain throughout the term of this permit, public liability and property damage insurance at a combined single limit per occurrence of $1 million and a general aggregate limit of $2 million.  Such policy shall cover on an occurrence or an accident basis and not on a claims made basis.  Such insurance shall name the City of Del Rey Oaks and its officers, employees, and agents as additional insureds by endorsement.



Notice to Contractors



• The Contractor shall call the City prior to starting any project. City Hall (831) 394-8511.

• The Contractor must provide barricades, signs and/or flagmen to secure work site during construction. Detours or other impediments to a normal flow of traffic shall have prior approval of the City Engineer or the Police Department.

• No backfilling will be commenced until the work has been inspected by a Public Utility or City official. Open cut trenches may be backfilled with materials excavated only with the approval of the City Engineer.  Materials unsuitable for backfill must be disposed of by the Contractor and imported materials approved by the City Engineer shall be used.  Backfill shall be compacted in lifts not exceeding six (6) inches, with air tamper, trench plate vib-compactor or other acceptable compaction methods.

• All concrete and asphalt streets will be saw cut with smooth, straight edges.

• Where openings cannot be completed during the day of opening, suitable barriers shall be placed around the excavation to prevent accidents, and lighted barricades shall be continuously maintained at the opening site. Steel plates will be placed over trench if traffic would otherwise be impeded.  NO OPEN TRENCHES SHALL BE PERMITTED.

• In the event that any archeological finds (building ruins, utensils, tools, bones, etc.) are encountered, all excavating is to cease immediately and the City of Del Rey Oaks is to be notified


Please fill out the Encroachment Permit Application and do one of the following:

• Email To: KMinami [at] delreyoaks.org

• Bring To: City Hall at 650 Canyon Del Rey Blvd, Del Rey Oaks, CA 93940

• Mail To: City of Del Rey Oaks, 650 Canyon Del Rey Blvd, Del Rey Oaks, CA 93940


For more information on obtaining an Encroachment Permit, please visit or call City Hall at (831) 394-8511.