Stay Informed!

Stay Informed!

Stay Informed!


At City Hall we hear quite often that someone didn’t know about a meeting after it’s already happened. We thought this might be a good time to make sure everyone knows all the ways to stay informed.  We have a protocol we follow prior to every meeting whether it be City Council, Planning Commission, Architectural Review, Strategic Planning, or the host of other special  meetings such as Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA) Transition Plan, Airport Road Workshop, Housing Element Study Session or Fort Ord Recreation Trail and Greenway (FORTAG) information. 


Notification Process

This is the process by which we notice every meeting.  Each of the following locations get a copy of or a link to the meeting agenda and packet with all the information needed to know what’s coming up.

• Post to the Website the entire Packet
• Post to Nextdoor (link to website post)
• Post to Facebook (link to website post)
• Send out email blast to all subscribers (link to website post)
• Mail out an agenda to everyone on our mailing list
• Post agendas in each of the City Kiosks (5 total)


There are lots of ways to stay informed:

• Sign up via our website for a notice subscription < HERE >
• Check the City Kiosks
• Check the website regularly for urgent events
• Follow us on Nextdoor - @cityhall [at]
• Follow us on Facebook - @cityofdelreyoaks

City Kiosks

City Kiosks are located at:  

• City Hall
• Del Rey Oaks Park
• Via Verde at Durbin
• Rosita by the church
• Quendale/Portola Triangle

Per the Brown Act, the website, kiosks and mail must be posted 72 hours prior to regularly scheduled meetings; and 24 hours prior to special meetings.  We go above and beyond by including Nextdoor, Facebook and email blast via our website.  We always post much earlier than the 72 hour requirement.  In most cases we post 120 hours prior to a regular meeting and 48 hours  prior to a special meeting.   

If you have any questions, please call City Hall at (831) 394-8511.